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Apocalatte Poster by JimboBox

I love it I love the lighting and composition and the somewhat omnious overtone with all other workers in the back ground looking down ...


Hi, I'm looking for help in tracking down an art medium

About, 20 or so years ago, when I was about 8 (could have been 10) at the local shopping centre someone had set up one of those plaster painting stalls, where you can buy the plaster statue and paint it there using paints they provide or take it home and paint it with your own. I'm not sure if thats a thing outside of Australia, but it used to be quite common over here.

ANYWAY, this particular time these guys had a special painting medium and I've NEVER been able to find it anywhere since.

Now, they called it a Wax Paint, I remember that clearly and so does my mother, and you rubbed it on with your fingers - you could have possibly used a brush, I dont know, they just said to use your fingers so we did - and I can not find any information whatsoever on it.

From what I remember, it wasn't a dusty dry pigment like Pan Pastels; it had a greasy, almost oil pastel like quality to it, but was slightly wetter and paint-like since it required time to dry. And, they also came in little cake like tins.

The only wax medium thats ever came back in my results is Encaustic Wax, but I've seen this stuff up close and personal and is a completely different quality from the stuff I used back then. The only other thing I've found that comes even close to resembling how it applies is Rub N Buff and Pan Pastels.

If anyone has encountered this stuff before?
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I am extremely saddened by the passing of this great man

I wish I could say I had the chance to meet him at least once, but alas it is not so. Giger's work, though it may not be reflected entirely in my own style has been one of the greatest influences on my art and extends even into my writing. The one thing I learnt from Giger's art was never to fear the dark void of our nightmares and the monsters that lurk in the shadows, but to embrace and understand them so that we might become masters of our own fear and bend it to our will.

I feel a great desire to paint and write.......

One day, I vow I will visit his museum and bar


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm currently twenty five and working to improve my artistic abilities and put together a professional portfolio of work of paintings, drawings, photography and digital art while working on my first novel. At the moment my abilities lean more towards traditional mediums, pencils, paint, clay and photography and a range of other traditional mediums, however I want to broaden my range by including digital artistry and cgi art.

I favour fantasy and sci fi themes and I have a love of gender bender themes which I find both amusing and a great source of untapped drama and characterization.

Primarily I am a writer and I always will be, but I love art and it was something that both my parents and my uncle encouraged me to pursue as I grew up and it has stayed with me.

I would also like to visit Japan one day, and tour the Shinto Shrines, preferably in the Spring when the Sakura trees are in full bloom.

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